Professional iPhone Photography Masterclass - Coming Soon!

How To Take The Best Photos Of Your Life.

With The World’s Most Popular Camera.


Ever since picking up my iPhone camera, back in February 2011, and experiencing all the spell-binding magic that came with it, I’ve had this infectious and irresistible urge to share my discoveries with other iPhone photographers. So these new photographers too, like me, could experience this same enchantment and alchemy. But in order to teach what i knew in my heart to be true, I had to first experience myself the art and science of it all with crystal-clear clarity and vison-even become a Master at it. So for the past 8 years, I’ve been busy. Real busy.

This 8 years of constant testing and experimenting is now going to be a direct benefit to you.

You should become a Master iPhone photographer in less time and angst.

I put my stand-alone cameras on hold and totally immersed myself in all things iPhone photography.

Since my conversion I have shot over 700k iPhone images, on 8 different iPhone devices, in over 30 countries of the world. I now know, from firsthand experience, what works and what doesn’t. I know proven, insider tips and tricks to making your iPhone photos truly stand out. I know how to deliver common fixes to the most common problems facing iPhone photographers. I know how to help you raise your game because I raised my own. I brought all my big-camera sensitivities and sensibilities to the iPhone photography space so that my smartphone photos now look and feel like DSLR photos (you would be hard pressed to tell the difference in my portfolio).

The best news in all of this is that I’m finally ready, within the next 60 days, to share with each of you, all my best tips, tricks and techniques, in my first iPhone Photography Masterclass. So you can be well on your way to becoming your own iPhone Master Photographer. And start taking the best photos of your life, with the world’s most popular camera.

Trusted Resource and Problem-Solver

Okay, so why would you invest $197 in a 3-hour online course when you can get the same or similar information for free? I have an answer for you and it’s simple-time and trust.

One, i’m going to save you time. A lot of time too. Two, think of me as a  trusted, passionate resource  for delivering this content right to you? 

If you follow me on Twitter then you’re well aware that I’m one of the top photographer-influencers here. I have done over 100 quick polls on what iPhone photographers want and what they don’t want. I speak at Apple stores, all over the USA, on the subject of iPhone photography. My work has been published in the uber popular #shotoniPhone Apple campaign.

I have actively and commercially blogged for Camera+ and Adorama TV. I have written a popular book on the subject of iPhone Photography called, “The Joy of iPhotography”. And even working on a second book called, “iPhone Photos That Don’t Suck”. (to be published at the end of 2019).

Bottom line, I know a thing or two about the questions iPhone photographers are asking. And the problems they are facing in their own iPhone photography efforts. Help is on the way!

If you are looking for a trusted resource and a problem-solver to help you take better iPhone photographs, then this course is for you.

Course Snapshot

This 3-hour course is neatly divided into 17 sections-each packed with simple, plain-english suggestions and recommendations for thinking of your device, less like a phone and more like a camera. I’m including, throughout the course, over 20 field videos, dozens of screencast tutorials and hundreds of beautiful and professionally produced Power-Point graphics and photos. Each of these serving only one end-to help you become a Master iPhone photographer. I consider this work to be my most stirring and impassioned to date. You won’t be disappointed. I promise!

Here’s what the course looks like.

  • Lesson 1: Let’s Get Started-Introductory Remarks About My Own Approach To iPhone Photography
  • Lesson 2: Why I Love My iPhone Camera (And Why You Should Too)
  • Lesson 3: The Golden Age Of Consumer Photography
  • Lesson 4: First Things First-Prepping Your Phone Camera For Intentional Photography
  • Lesson 5: iPhone Camera Essentials-Best Of Class Tips To Help You Raise Your Game
  • Lesson 6: Different Modes For Different Moments
  • Lesson 7: Getting To Know Your iPhone Camera Features and Functions
  • Lesson 8: iPhone Photography By The Numbers
  • Lesson 9: Mantras, Musings And Mandates Of An iPhone Photographer
  • Lesson 10: Three Photography Fundamentals You Need To Know (Exposure, Focus, White-Balance)
  • Lesson 11: The Application Economy (Apps That I Use And Recommend)
  • Lesson 12: Better Tips For iPhone Travel Photography
  • Lesson 13: Storytelling
  • Lesson 14: Gadgets, Gizmos And Gear For Accessorizing Your iPhone Photography Camera
  • Lesson 15: One More Thing
  • Lesson 16: Resources
  • Lesson 17: Closing Remarks And Next Steps
  • Bonus 1: Video-Light
  • Bonus 2: Video-Color
  • Bonus 3: Video-Portraits
  • Bonus 4: Video-Composition

How Does This Online Course Compare With Other Courses On The Same Subject?

Again, you won’t be disappointed. There are a handful of good, even great, iPhone photography courses on the market. I would even encourage you to purchase these courses, More is better! But, humility aside, I don’t know of a single course, that is taught by a photography teacher that has over 40 years of successful, commercial experience under his belt. And I certainly don’t know of any photography instructor that has shot more iPhone photos than me-700k and counting!

Forget, for a minute, what I promise to teach you in this course. Look at my photos. Do you want to learn to take photos like this? If the answer is “yes”... then this course is for you.

I’m a bit tired, even frustrated of only seeing online courses that are slanted toward post-production editing. You can't polish a turd or put lipstick on a pig. Filters and effect don’t make bad photography…good. Good photography, even iPhone photography, starts with learning the fundamentals of photography. It doesn’t start with learning just apps and editing.Yes, apps provide each of us the possibility of turning good photos into great photos. But no amount of editing can turn bad photos into good photos. Smartphone photography still needs smart photographers to take smartphones photographs.

My photographic approach to iPhone photography, based on years of working with stand-alone cameras and years of also working with iPhones, is a time-tested, proven tact for becoming your own Master iPhone photographer. Start first with the fundamental and foundational stuff and everything else will fall into place.

Who Is This Course Designed For?

I’ve tried to include a little something for everyone-beginners, intermediate, advanced, even experts. It will benefit you to have a background in photography but not necessary for you to follow along. All you really need is a desire to turn your snapshots into photographs. And be willing to explore options for learning to both take and make photographs.

As you might expect from a course like this, I’ll be briefly covering, from my own personal experience, best-of-class apps and accessories I use in my own photography. But make no mistake about it, this course isn’t really about apps, editing and shiny objects. It’s about learning to see and learning to take better photos.

Owning an iPhone doesn’t automatically make you an iPhone photographer. It makes you an iPhone camera owner. Becoming a Master iPhone photographer takes determined skill, habits, discipline. And an all-out determination to analyze, observes, experiment…rinse and repeat. We’ll do this together, regardless of what proficiency level you are at right now.

Start manifesting where you will be once you complete the course-better, more confident, more experimental, more aware of light and color and composition, more familiar with the principles of exposure and focus and white-balance, more savvy about apps and accessories, more self-assured about publishing and sharing your work, more convinced about the transformative power of your iPhone camera, more satisfied with your skill level, more level-headed about what makes a great photograph, more mindful of your iPhone camera’s features and functions, more conscious of using different modes for storytelling, more in love than ever with your iPhone camera!

Lao Tsu said, “If you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”
This is a course about teaching you how to fish-the iPhone Photography way

Leading Authority On iPhone Photography For Discerning Photographers

Some have referred to me as “the leading authority on iPhone Photography for discerning photographers”. I think this is because of my animated, spirited, zealous approach to learning photography-both at the art and science levels. Please give me the opportunity to prove this label.

I can promise to deliver-inspiration. A ton of it too! Sometimes it’s not instruction that we need but inspiration, motivation and encouragement

I’m going to give you all this and more, right here, in this course.

Many of the online courses I see in iPhone photography are heavy on instruction and light on inspiration-they lack strong proof-of-concept examples and illustrations.

Isn’t it time to to be hand-held and take a journey with one of the most expert and impassioned iPhone teachers today?

Just The Beginning

This isn’t just a one-off online course. I am already in production on two additional online courses that will quickly follow the launch of this course-A Masterclass on iPhone Portrait Photography and A Masterclass on iPhone Travel Photography. Think of this introductory course as a ticket to a community of dedicated, single-minded, wholehearted, devoted iPhone photographers. Together we can set the world on fire. We’re not just talking content here but community.

Please Join Me

It’s time to put on your photographic game face. This is exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. By investing in this course, you’re not just buying content but access to me and access to other like-minded fellow iPhone Photographers. Let’s shoot and share-together. Let’s get fanatical. Let’s solve problems. Let’s show the world, through our example and work, that we have what it takes to become Master iPhone Photographers. Let’s begin to take the best photos of our life, with the world’s most popular camera.

Don’t Just take My Word For It.

I have learned so much about photography, color and lighting from Jack Hollingsworth and he explains everything so clearly especially for non-techie folks like me. And such a creative guy.

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Jack has been taking photos for decades and not only has a lot of knowledge and wisdom about what camera settings are needed to get the shot, but he knows a lot about the medium in general. He's done his homework

Greg McMillan

I have been a fan of Mr. Hollingsworth for many years and have learned so much from him and I am thrilled that he has released this timely book which will stay at the front of my rather extensive collection of photography books

Kat Magic

I am immensely grateful to Jack for his many and great online teachings, He is my “spiritual” father on iPhone photography and i owe him all I have learned and am passionate about

Pedro Regalla

We were blown away when we first saw what Jack could do with an iPhone and we’re pretty sure you will be too!

Guy Yang

Jack has been a staple in the photography industry for 40 years, six of which have been dedicated to smartphone photography and videography.

Adorama TV

Jack Hollingsworth, a denizen of Austin, Tx, is an award-winning, 30 year career veteran in commercial photography. Jack has fallen in love with his iPhone camera as his primary capture tool. He is an avid Camera+ devotee and has been since day one

taptaptap (makers of Camera+)

Jack’s approach to mobile Photography is clearly photographic. He believers that, when all is said and done, the iPhone will go down in history as the most influential capture device ever manufactured.

Hashtagged Podcast

Six years ago, he discovered and got fascinated by iPhone photography. Since then, he has committed himself to exploring and mastering this new area for photography, to the point of becoming the number one iPhoneography guru and an in-demand consultant for companies producing and selling mobile photos, mobile accessories and mobile apps

Microstock Diaries

Jack Hollingsworth is easily one of the industry’s most well known names in World Lifestyle, Travel and Portrait photography. He is generally regarded as one of the top 100 Travel Photographers in the world and a celebrated social-media influencer to photographers.


Hollingsworth has become a staple within the iPhotography world. His understanding of the iPhone’s capabilities is unparalleled, and he shares it with the world.

Nylon Magazine

One of the most prolific and impactful mobile photographers in the world.


Hollingsworth’s approach to iPhone photography is the same as it was for film and digital photography: learn and master the basics. He believes that to get a good image you have to pay attention to the craft—to color, light, composition, design, exposure; to all those things that don’t change when the tools do.

Shutterbug Magazine

Jack has been one of the biggest advocates of mobile photography since the early days.


This creative veteran says that the iPhone is a marvel of modern times. His thorough exploration of its capabilities and wise counsel to others in his industry has earned him the title of “King of iPhoneography”.

Product Peel

I have known Jack for years. We grew up together in the big-camera space. He’s now the leading authority on iPhone photography and I’m just so proud of what he’s doing. Wow! I’m jealous of what he’s able to get with his iPhone camera. I’m taking notes Jack.

Brad Walker, Cinematographer

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jack hollingsworth

Jack Hollingsworth is a leading authority on iPhone photography for discerning photographers. He is one of the most recognized names in Travel, Lifestyle and Portrait photography today, has been a staple in the photography industry for 40 years, eight of which have been dedicated to smartphone photography and videography.