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The Gemstone of European River Cruising

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The emerald gemstone is considered a stone of royalty. It is commonly know as a protective stone of emotions, activating the heart chakra. It innately carries, with it, the purest form of energy. So it is no surprise or coincidence to me, that one of Europe's most beloved River-Cruise companies is called Emerald Waterways. When you are onboard, you most definitely feel this kinetic energy and your heart is opened to many new travel experiences. It’s the gemstone magic!

I’ve been on two Emerald Waterways trips: the Rhone and the Danube (visit galleries); and about to do my third sailing with Emerald Waterways on the Rhine, June 9-16, 2019.

It would be both fair and accurate to say that these trips and these experiences activated my own heart chakra and infused me with a travel photography energy that still lingers with me today. Thank you Emerald Waterways. You guys are dope!

Interestingly, a commercial career photography in the travel sector, I have shot for over 6 different major cruise lines, but I had never taken a river cruise.

This was my first. And definitely not my last - especially with Emerald Waterways.


River cruising is so peaceful, tranquil, relaxing, energizing. Seriously. It’s like traveling with a group of your closest friends and family members. You’ll just love it!


Full Disclose And The Heart Chakra

Now, in the interest of full-disclose here, yes, I was paid by Emerald Waterways to do some social-media photography for them on each of these trips. I also taught their guests, through onboard lectures and hands-on field instruction, about the fine art of smartphone travel photography. But that’s not at all why I’m writing this post. I am not being paid to write this post. It comes from the overflow of my heart chakra being opened to the unforgettable experience of river cruising. This is a gift – my heart to your heart. And I so would like you to think about joining me on the Rhine, in June of this year. Let’s river cruise together!

This isn’t just a sales pitch either. It’s my sincere recommendation to join me in what could very well be for you… the trip of a lifetime.

Street Credibility-And How It’s Going To Help You!

I have spent my entire photographic career, 40 years, shooting Travel, Lifestyle and Portrait photography. All over the globe. For some of the biggest and best Travel Brands in the business today. So I have an enormous contextual pool of experiences, to contrast and compare travel products and services with, when sincerely recommending travel products to my tribe. I have shot commercially, for years, using traditional cameras until I fell in love with my iPhone camera, which I now use almost exclusively as my main photographic device. And guess what? I’m getting better results today with my iPhone, than when I shot with stand-alone devices. And it’s a whole lot easier, simpler and obviously, lighter. So it is possible? Especially in travel photography? Absolutely! And I have the pictures to prove it. I can teach you the same tips, tricks and techniques. And do it in a plain-English way that you’ll understand and appreciate. And get you well on your way to shooting photos just like the kind I shoot and share.

I am followed by over 50k photography fans on Twitter and over 8k users on Instagram and was recently ranked in Eyefi’s top 100 most socially influential photographers and in Chillisauce’s top 100 travel photographers of 2015. So I know a thing or two about raising your game in Travel photography! I regularly speak at Apple stores on the subject of iPhone photography. And humbly had my work published in the uber popular #shotoniPhone campaign.

For my first two trips with Emerald Waterways, I exclusively shot with my iPhone camera. And got some spectacular results.

All I can tell you is that smartphones cameras are built for travel photography. It’s like having a fully-stocked camera store, best-of-class darkroom and even a robust publishing platform – right in the palm of your hands. You can finally shoot your travel experiences… anytime, anywhere. With spectacular results. Anyone can do it!

Built for Photography

Again, based on my own experience, without a doubt, cruising with Emerald Waterways is an undiscovered gem. The decor is open and modern. The views are simply spectacular. The cabins are roomy and comfy. The food is world-renown. The staff are young, vibrant, hospitable, helpful. And the towns, villages and hamlets they visit en route are photographically breathtaking. The experience, in a way, is built for photography and photographers. You sail in the evenings and wake up at a new port ever day. Voilà! It couldn’t be easier and more fun! Ahhhhh.

Bucket List Experience

River Cruising in Europe, for sure, is a bucket list experience. And the Rhine is one of the most picturesque sailings you’ll ever take. On just a single day alone, sailing through the Rhine Gorge, you’ll be gleefully treated to 40 castles in 40 miles. So obviously, there are numerous subjects, scenes and scenarios for us to photographically capture – quaint German towns, medieval architecture, vineyards, castles, sunsets, landmarks, urbanscapes, flora and fauna, monuments, churches and cathedrals, food and beverage, local markets, local color, local portraits. All captured in unique iPhone photography style – ready to share with family, friends and followers even while you’re on the road or when you get home (It’s okay to want to make others envious and jealous of your travel experiences :))

On-Board Photography Workshops And Field Guidance

The cool thing about this value investment for you, "Legends of Moselle, Rhine and Main with Jack Hollingsworth, is that I’ll be teaching all interested guests, how to get better photos from their smartphone cameras. During the sailing, I will conduct two separate workshops and I will share with you 30 of my proven, time-tested smartphone photography secrets for taking the best photos of your life, with the world’s most popular camera-smartphone! I will additionally offer my photography advice and help during selective free-times while sailing and, if possible, during some tours (note: if you see me sitting in the bar, buy me a margarita and we’ll keep the photography chatter alive :))

What’s Not to Like?

What’s not to like? You get to see and experience some of the most visually attractive scenery in all of Europe. And you get to hang out with me and talk tech and shop about all things smartphone photography, throughout the entire cruise – beginning to end.

I do a lot of consulting in the iPhone photography space.

For you to spend a week with me, shooting and collaborating, it would likely be cost prohibitive.

So here’s a modest investment chance to join me, ask as matter questions as you like, even shoot with me. All in the absolute comfort of luxury accommodations and a relaxed itinerary.

If the past two Emerald Waterways trips are indication of what is to come, on future trips, you can rest assured that there will be a high-degree of interest in photography onboard.

The ship is full of happy snappers. At all expertise levels – beginners to experts. And all of us, together, have one common purpose: to take and make amazing travel photographs.

F-Stops And Bus Stops

If group bus tours are not your thing, no problem. Emerald Waterways has lots of active excursions so guests can hike and cycle while cruising. And return home with even more unique photos gems.

Botton line, there are excursions for everyone. You set your own pace, depending  on what you want to see, experience and photograph. As simple as that.

Autograph Copies Of My Book

As a cruise bonus, we’ll be organizing an on-board photo contest, and giving away a copy of my book, The Joy of Photography to the top 10 prize winners.


On our recent Rhone trip in France, I was so impressed with what the Emerald guests photographed. Wow! Good stuff. It’s time for you to shine!


Please Consider Joining Me

Forgive me for gushing about this trip. Again, it comes from my own experience. This could very well be the best vacation package you ever bought. And best news of all, you’ll have some killer photographs to share that support your own enthusiasm for the Emerald Waterways experience.

So please think about joining me, June 9 - 16, 2019, as together we step up our photography game on this exclusive Rhine sailing from Bernkastel to Nuremburg, where you’ll be sure to impress your friends with your newly found photography talent.

Gallery Photos From Previous Trips

Let me end with a gallery of photos from my last two trips with Emerald Waterways, so you can begin getting excited about taking photos… just like these.

Sensations Of Southern France (Rhone)

Festive Delights Of The Danube Mary Berry (Danube)

You’re not going to find anyone that is as passionate, zealous and wholehearted about Travel, Cruise and Vacation photography as I am. That’s a promise. You’re also not going to find a River-Cruise company that is more dedicated to making this experience for you… unique, distinctive, special.

Let’s do this together. Let's raise some eyebrows and raise the bar on Travel photography. Let the Emerald Waterways experience, like a glittery gemstone, open your heart chakra to a world of visuals you never dreamed possible. Join us on the trip of a lifetime.

Learn To Take The Best Travel Photos Of Your Life. With The World’s Most Popular Camera.


jack hollingsworth

Jack Hollingsworth is a leading authority on iPhone photography for discerning photographers. He is one of the most recognized names in Travel, Lifestyle and Portrait photography today, has been a staple in the photography industry for 40 years, eight of which have been dedicated to smartphone photography and videography.